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Welcome to UFG Academy

This is the official path to Unforgotten Studios main roster. Through this path you take you will slowly increase you chances of joining Unforgotten .

Being in the UFG Academy means you are representing Unforgotten’s brand. This means you must follow rules (in the discord) at all times otherwise you are subject to removal


UFG ACademy Requirments

Ever wanted to be part of a esports team or ever wanted a chance to well this is it 

At Unforgotten Studios, we strive To Help our academy members Understand the ins and outs of Esports . YOur Academy culture is based on a willingness to learn, collaborate, be Creative, and most importantly, show the staff and other team members you have what it takes to be part of UFG.

We will be choosing a new member every 2 weeks


  1. Upload atleast a 5 minute video showing your skill as a pro, creator or creative Wrrior using #UFGRC or #UnforgottenRC
  2.  Be part of our discord and active
  3. Show Dedication in Your work toward being a member
  4. Be Mature and Professional
  5. Follow our socials and youtube to keep updated on who has been picked up

Below you will apply to join our Academy

Want to Join UFG ACADEMY?

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